3 Tips To Get 100% Payment from Patients — Bryan Pereyo

Whether you’re a solo practice or big health system, slow or non-payments are affecting your bottom line. Find out how you can collect patient debt more quickly and effectively with top-rated medical collection expert, Bryan “Uncle Louie” Pereyo. Get the ins and outs of the collection process, learn the latest technology that can help, and find creative tips you can implement today.

About the Speaker:

Bryan Pereyo, aka Uncle Louie, is founder and CEO of Sales Antidote, a direct-contract sales company in the healthcare industry. Sales Antidote’s team has revitalized medical practices across the Country, with its pioneering products and services, including telemedicine (eVisit) and flat-rate collections through Kinum. He is also cofounder of Chronic Focus, an innovative company offering patient engagement programs. Bryan’s forte is as an esteemed profit recovery specialist. He owns a franchise of Kinum, a “smarter” debt-collection agency, with its proven flat-rate, diplomatic collections process. Bryan is responsible for recovering millions in receivables.


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