How to succeed at cash-based telepschiatry: 10 Worst Fears That Never Came True — Christopher O’Brien

Join our guest Chris O’Brien, PharmD as we discuss why he decided to go completely virtual and cash-based. Learn how he has built a thriving private practice and how he overcame his worst fears about doing telepsychiatry. Get practical tips on finding the right tools and technology, navigating telehealth regulations,…

5 Lessons From Establishing Telepsychiatry for California Prisons — Edward Kaftarian, MD

What are the biggest challenges to starting a telepsychiatry program? How do you choose and manage the right technology? How do you manage medications? How do you attract and manage staff? Find out how California’s Chief Executive of Telepsychiatry, Edward Kaftarian, MD, stood up a successful prison telepsychiatry program for…

Why Health Systems Won’t Thrive Without Telehealth — Dr Josh Luke

How do hospitals and health systems stay profitable as they transform to value-based care? What is the role of telehealth? Why is healthcare moving out of hospitals towards home-based care? How will telehealth play a key role? Join Dr. Josh Luke, FACHE healthcare futurist, former hospital CEO, Forbes contributor, author…

Telehealth drug prescribing & the opioid crisis: What every doctor needs to know — Bradley Davidsen

How is the opioid crisis changing regulations around online drug prescribing? What are the online prescribing rules that every physician ought to know? Is an in-person exam necessary for prescribing medication online? How does telehealth drug prescribing work across state lines or internationally? Join health care attorney Brad Davidsen on…

How To Go Viral with Healthcare Innovation — Homero Rivas, MD

How can we get innovations in healthcare adopted more quickly? What does it take to cut down the 17-year healthcare adoption cycle? How can we get doctors to be more open to new ideas? Do we need to change how doctors are trained? Join Stanford’s Director of Innovative Surgery, Homero…

Telesurgery, Telemonitoring, & Immersive Reality — Mark Carol MD, SonaCare Medical

Is remote surgery a growing trend? Are robot-assisted surgeries becoming the norm? Whatever happened to Google Glass? Is da Vinci’s market domination ending this year? Join our next live webinar with Mark Carol, MD, neurosurgeon of 30 years and CEO of SonaCare Medical. Discuss what is holding back surgeons from…

How Will Trump Admin Broadband Policies Hit Telehealth — Craig Settles, Communities for Broadband

Without broadband – high speed internet – there can be no telehealth! Federal, state, and local broadband policy matters. How are telecoms holding your broadband hostage? Will FCC broadband rules, including net neutrality, hinder telehealth adoption? How do state laws impact hospitals and critical access care? Join broadband analyst Craig…

2018 Telehealth Trends You Need To Know — Kristi Henderson, Seton Health

What are the emerging technologies and new regulations that will shape telehealth going into 2018? Anticipate 2018 telehealth trends. What are important lessons we need to learn from 2017? Join us as we kick off the 2018 season of Telehealth Failures & Secret To Success with Kristi Henderson, pioneering telehealth…

Vision Forward for Telehealth – Dr. Milton Chen (VSee)

Slides Vision Forward from VSee About Speaker Dr. Milton Chen is the founder and CEO of VSee, a telemedicine software platform with investment from VSee is the only approved video chat system on the NASA International Space Station, how astronauts see their doctors everyday. Milton did his PhD at…

Medicare telehealth coverage – Carynne Godfrey (Noridian Healthcare)

Slides Telehealth Services: Part B Provider Outreach and Education from VSee

Capturing health consumers and growing patients with telehealth – Dr. Steve Ambrose (RED HOT Healthcare Podcast)

Slides Capturing health consumers and growing patients with Telehealth from VSee

Opportunities in Telehealth: Ultra sensitive testing – Thomas Schlumpberger (Singulex)

Slides Opportunities in Telehealth: Ultra sensitive testing from VSee

Trusted Access to Medical Cannabis – Pradyum Sekar (Sail Cannabis)

Slides Trusted Access to Medical Cannabis from VSee

How to raise $100M for your healthcare startup via ICO – Tim Swanson & Danny Yang (Post Oak Lab & BlockSeer)

Slides How to raise $100M for your healthcare startup via ICO: Breaking the myths of blockchain and bitcoin from VSee

The blueprint for a medical insurance company Amazon & Facebook would love – Dr. Milton Chen (VSee)

Slides The blueprint for a medical insurance company Amazon & Facebook would love from VSee

Can AI be compassionate? – Julia Hu (Lark)

Slides Not Available

Keep health costs down & employees happy: Designing millennial benefits framework — Marilyn Crawford, HAWA

How can you keep health costs down, improve productivity, and still provide competitive benefits for the employee? This week’s Telehealth Failures & Secrets to Success discusses the increasingly important role of telehealth in keeping the growing millennial workforce happy. What are the right telehealth tools and services for engaging these…

7 Secrets of Telehealth Adoption – Dr. Milton Chen (VSee)

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Telehealth in Rwanda – Mike Ndimurukundo (Tulane University – Rwanda)

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Telehealth Solutions for Post Acute Care – Tomi Ryba & Margaret Wilmer (El Camino Hospital)

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