Telemedicine 101: Getting Started Recording | Webinar Series #1

Get practical tips on choosing a technology platform that is right for your practice. Learn about how the right telehealth technology can save you and your staff valuable time in set up, onboarding, and patient flow. Set the right expectations about what telehealth can and cannot do. Find out best practices for launching your telehealth service fast.

  • Learn important technology considerations for doing telemedicine & telehealth
  • Limitations of telehealth technology
  • Learn about other considerations for evaluating a vendor
  • What is the minimum technology setup necessary to start offering telehealth?


About Speaker:
Dr. Milton Chen is cofounder and CEO of VSee – the telehealth company behind NASA Space Station, Trinity, DaVita, MDLIVE, and 1200+. He did his PhD research at Stanford University on the psychology of video communication and has deployed VSee for Hillary Clinton, Angelina Jolie, Linkin Park, and former President Obama’s Inauguration. Dr. Chen has given hundreds of invited talks internationally including keynotes for Arab Health Innov8 and Health 2.0 Asia. He has also personally gone on numerous humanitarian and medical missions’ trips including traveling to Iraq twice, Syria twice, as well as various regions of Africa, Southeast Asia, and Latin America.

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