Apollo Hospitals Partners with VSee with Goal to Care for 1B

apollo hospital India

Apollo Hospitals has selected VSee to provide video telemedicine in India. As India’s largest and most innovative hospital chain, Apollo aims to serve one billion people.

Apollo has already deployed 115 telemedicine units across nine countries – and now VSee is an integral part of that mission toward telemedicine reach both inside and outside of India.

VSee Live Medical Device Streaming for Rural India

Apollo regularly conducts comprehensive health screening camps across the subcontinent. With VSee’s innovative video technology, Apollo’s screening staff can use mobile devices to live-stream device data – using devices like otoscopes, pulse oximeters, and ultrasounds – to qualified doctors far away. In addition, VSee uses very low-bandwidth and has been successfully used in places with limited connectivity such as Chad refugee camps and Nigeria offshore oil platforms. These capabilities will dramatically expand Apollo’s reach into rural areas of India where there is a huge lack of quality healthcare . The potential for saving lives is huge.

Founded in 1983 by the US-educated Dr. Prathap Reddy, Apollo Hospitals is India’s first multi-specialty private sector hospital and has won multiple awards for excellence and innovation. It was the first hospital to create standards for maintaining clinical quality and is a leader in fighting the growing number of people affected by heart disease in India. Apollo has also been a pioneer in using telemedicine to improve healthcare – starting their first pilot project in 2000. They selected VSee for its simplicity and the ability to operate over mobile and other challenging networks.

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