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VSee to Extend Capabilities of Salesforce Health Cloud with VSee Clinic

Salesforce Logo

VSee will soon announce VSee Clinic, empowering healthcare organizations to build stronger patient relationships and manage their practice online.

VSee is excited to announce at the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS17) Conference in Orlando that its app for the Salesforce Health Cloud, VSee Clinic, will extend the capabilities of Salesforce Health Cloud with HIPAA-compliant online waiting room for triage and video conferencing. Health Cloud gives healthcare providers the ability to make smarter care decisions, engage with patients across their caregiver networks, and manage patient data in new and powerful ways. Continue Reading…

New Telehealth Webinar Series Kickoff: Telemedicine Lessons from Wal-Mart & Texas Prisons

telemedicine walmart tx prisons

Join Dr. Milton Chen this coming Thurs. Feb. 9 for the kickoff webinar of the Telehealth Failures & Secrets To Success (TFSS) Webinar Series with guest presenter Dr. Glenn Hammack of NuPhysicia. Get past the marketing hype and discover how to overcome the telehealth adoption black hole. Get your pressing questions answered as we learn from the failures and successes of top healthcare innovators, health system execs, and telehealth experts. This is a free telehealth webinar series.

Download the recording of the webinar here:

https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/4845239161202094339Continue Reading…

How Value-based Care Is Changing Telehealth Payment Models

healthcare payment and reimbursement

“How are payers reimbursing for telehealth services?” “What is the strategy on billing for telehealth?” These are some common questions we hear from those starting or expanding their telehealth services.  There are a variety of telehealth payment models available to health providers; some involve reimbursement while others generate new revenue streams. Moreover, with the growing emphasis on value-based care these healthcare payment models are sure to be changing. So what kind of telehealth payment strategies will help keep your telehealth services alive?  

Continue Reading…

What You Need to Know About HIPAA and Canada Health Information Privacy

Canada Health Information & HIPAA

What are the rules in Canada when it comes to patient privacy? Canada’s federal law, the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), is comparable in many ways to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) in the United States. However, there are several differences to keep in mind. We’ve summarized the key takeaways from this excellent post by Canadian data expert Waël Hassan.Continue Reading…

Why Telehealth Is the Key for Lifestyle Interventions – Laurence Girard, Fruit Street [TFSS Talks]

Laurence Girard, FruitStreet TelehealthWhy are lifestyle interventions failing? We know we have an obesity and chronic condition crisis that  is costing us millions in healthcare each year. We know that we can reduce the risk of all chronic diseases (heart disease, diabetes, etc.) by 80% by simply eating better, exercising regularly, and not smoking. We also know that these changes don’t just happen on their own. Laurence Girard, founder and CEO of FruitStreet – an online platform for lifestyle disease management – shares how telehealth tools for the dietician, nurse coach or lifestyle health coach are a game changer for reducing obesity and chronic diseases.

Continue Reading…

What Do Telemedicine, Blockbuster, and Netflix Have In Common?— Randy Parker, MDLIVE [TFSS Talks]

Randy Parker MDLIVE What does the failure of Blockbuster and the success of Netflix have to teach us about succeeding at telehealth?  With his 30 years of experience in the media industry and 10 years in the digital health industry, Randy Parker, founder and Chief Business Developer of the MDLIVE, prepares us to succeed at digital health by pointing out the parallels between the digitization of media and the digitization of healthcare.Continue Reading…

Challenges of Designing a Scalable Telehealth Platform — Dr. Erika Chuang, VSee [TFSS TALKS]

Erika Chuang VSee VP Are video visits fundamentally not scalable? Does your EMR really have to integrate with your telehealth platform? Can I get my existing equipment to work with a telehealth platform? Are telehealth platforms really the way to go? Dr. Erika Chuang, VSee VP of Product Management takes us through the fundamental challenges of designing a telehealth platform that is both simple to use and yet provides an integrated experience from the perspective of the designers and engineers in the trenches.Continue Reading…

Telehealth Lessons from a Statewide Deployment — Kristi Henderson, Seton Healthcare Family [TFSS Talks]

kristi_henderson_ummc-200pNinety percent of healthcare executives say they have or are starting telehealth programs. Twenty-nine states have policies mandating telehealth reimbursement. Thirty-five percent of employers now offer telehealth. As many as 70% of physician, ER, urgent care visits are estimated to be manageable by phone or video. Surveys show over and over again that patients value convenience foremost. Everyone is rushing to deploy telemedicine without really knowing what telemedicine is or what it takes to have a successful telemedicine program.  Looking back on her many experiences and mistakes as a successful telemedicine pioneer and health care innovator, Kristi Henderson offers 5 principles for starting a telemedicine program:Continue Reading…

Three Keys To Enterprise Success – Prentice Tom, MD, CEP America [TFSS TALKS]

Prentice Tom, Telehealth SuccessIs your telehealth enterprise ready to survive and thrive through the unknown? Healthcare is a highly regulated industry in the midst of big changes. Using lessons from the Asian financial crisis, Bosnia, and Jeet Kune Do, Chief Medical Officer of CEP America, Prentice Tom, delivers a humorous and insightful presentation on the key characteristics a telehealth startup needs to have to succeed. Learn important tips for achieving telehealth success and “breaking into” the digital health landscape.Continue Reading…

Is telehealth more than hype? Find out at the Genentech Innovations talk on Telehealth Failures & Secrets of Success


Don’t miss Dr. Milton Chen, CEO of VSee, when he presents his talk “Telehealth Failures & Secrets of Success with application to Clinical Trials,” on October 18, 2016, 11:30 a.m.- 1 p.m, at Genentech

Telehealth and telemedicine have been touted as healthcare’s savior for years. Market analyses are predicting a $36B telehealth market by 2020. So why has telehealth failed to live up to the hype?   Are the analysis reports wrong?

In this talk, Dr. Chen will take a look at the reasons behind the failures and setbacks of HealthSpot, Doctor on Demand, and other leading telehealth companies. He will look into telehealth business models, the problems of poor user adoption and profitability, and practical do’s and don’ts for telehealth. He will also cover the application of telemedicine in clinical trials and medical missions in underserved countries such as Iraq, Philippines, Gabon, and Nigeria.

Download the flyer here

Can’t make this talk? Join Dr. Chen, MDLIVE, Intel, Dell, Microsoft, and other telehealth players at the Telehealth Failures & Secrets to Success conference, Dec. 2-4, 2016 in San Jose, CA.

TIC+ Provides Anytime Online Counseling for Teens in Crisis

tic online counseling for teens

It’s tough being a teen – we’ve all been there and can relate. Often all they need is someone who will listen and provide support. While technology brings with it problems like cyber-bullying, it also provides solutions like online counseling for teens and their families, so they can privately talk to a counselor online from anywhere at just the right time.

That’s what Teens in Crisis (TIC+) is all about. With qualified professionals*, TIC+ provides face-to-face and  online counseling to support children and young people aged 9-21 and their families living in Gloucestershire, UK. And they’re using the VSee Waiting Room to do it!

Check out how they do online counseling in the video below or watch the video here

As one changed teen writes, “I finished with my counsellor about a year ago but I had seen her for well over a year, thanks to hundreds of extensions to our sessions. She was fantastic and she helped me so much. She was the first person I felt understood me, really cared and I was able to talk to easily…. Without her, my life would be so different, if I was even still alive by now. She helped me made so many big decisions and changes in my life. She is just incredible and so is this charity.”

You can learn more about the great work TIC+ is doing in the lives of our teenagers here.

*TIC+ is a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP)

Join Qualcomm, Intel, Microsoft, Dell, DaVita, Seton and more at the Telehealth Failures & Secrets of Success Conference, Dec. 2-4, 2016

telehealth failures conference

Avoid the Common Pitfalls of Telehealth

Join us for three days of networking and expert insights at the Telehealth Failures & Secrets to Success Conference, December 2-4, 2016 in San Jose. Learn from the mistakes and models of leading telehealth companies such as Teladoc, American Well, Doctor on Demand, and the ill-fated HealthSpot. Join health system executives, physicians, investors, and telehealth technologists as we examine the failures of telehealth and discover as a team what we can do to build successful telehealth businesses.

Featured speakers include Qualcomm Life VP & Chief Medical Officer, James R. Mault, Intel Chief Medical Officer, John Sotos, Seton Healthcare VP of Virtual Care & Innovation, Kristi Henderson, CEP America Chief Medical Officer, Prentice Tom, and Cooper University Director of Urgent and Emergent Services, Michael Kirchoff and more!

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from real examples of how others have overcome their roadblocks to successful telehealth.

Register by Cyber Monday and save $300 with promo code: telehealth300!

VSee Philippines Medical Mission: Telemedicine Helps Orphans and Street Kids Fly

telemedicine consult teen

For the last few weeks, the VSee Manila Team has been busy prepping for a VSee medical missions trip in the Philippines. It’s been a super exciting opportunity for us to impact the community with the possibilities of telemedicine.  For this missions trip, we set up two health screening camps, July 14 and 16, to do live telemedicine screenings for patients. The first camp was held at the Gala Shelter (an orphanage for about 20 children) in Angono Rizal. Everything went beautifully!Continue Reading…

Join the 1st Annual Future of Health: Telemedicine and AI Symposium in Ho Chi Minh City

VSee Telemedicine and AI conference


The U.S. Consulate in Ho Chi Minh City, the Ho Chi Minh University of Science, and VSee are hosting the first annual Future of Health: Telemedicine and AI Symposium in HCMC on July 8, 2016.

Join telehealth and AI experts, doctors, policy makers and startups to discuss what’s shaping the telehealth market and how telemedicine innovations are changing healthcare delivery and opening up opportunities for better healthcare everywhere.

Limited seating available. Register early here:  https://vsee-achcmc.eventbrite.com

Continue Reading…

VSee Helps Elizabeth R. Griffith Foundation Stay on the Forefront of Zika Care


It’s been almost two years since infectious disease expert Dr. Gavin Macgregor-Skinner first started using VSee to help stop health epidemics. Back then his team was on the ground in West Africa, fighting the Ebola outbreak. While Ebola is still a concern for them, they have also turned their attention to a new threat – Zika. They have been working on a needs assessment for the Zika virus in hospitals and labs across five countries, which they just finished in April.

You can check out Dr. MacGregor-Skinners C-Span interview on handling the Zika virus here.

Dr. Macgregor-Skinner is the Global Projects Lead at the Elizabeth R. Griffin Research Foundation and the Director of Global Disaster Response at Harvard’s Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

With his wide experience in public health and emergency response, he was one of 18 experts whose research and contributions resulted in the recent report titled “Effective Public Health Communication in an Interconnected World: Enhancing Resilience to Health Crises,” published by KYNE and News Deeply. In it, he highlights technology platforms that were deployed on the ground in West Africa. He singles out the power of VSee telemedicine, which enabled physicians to monitor Ebola patients from thousands of miles away. VSee’s telemedicine platform meets all his criteria for communication platforms of the future:

  • strong visuals,
  • user-friendly design,
  • round-the-clock availability, and
  • easy-to-access portals.

You can read the full report here.

The VSee team is grateful for the amazing work of people like Dr. Macgregor-Skinner and glad that we can contribute new telehealth technology that is helping to save lives.

VSee and Arc Devices New Partnership to Bring Connected Health To Consumers

ARC Devices thermometer

VSee is happy to announce a new partnership with Arc Devices – the leader in non-touch digital thermometry.

The partnership aims to bring together the latest in non-touch digital technology with VSee’s simple telehealth platform for  the world’s first wireless connected thermometer embedded into a remote patient monitoring kit.Continue Reading…

Don’t Miss VSee Tech Talks at ATA 2016 – Lenovo, Seton, and more!

ATA 2016 Conference is coming up in just a few days and VSee has a special treat for you at our booth #2021!

1.  Three daily door prizes including Lenovo tablets and a FitBit.

2.  Invited guest speakers including Kristi Henderson, Seton Healthcare VP for Virtual Care & Innovation and the ATA 2015 President’s Award recipient, Tom Foley, Lenovo Director of Globlal Health Solutions, and Laurence Girard, CEO of Fruit Street (telehealth wellness platform)…see our full speaker schedule below.

3.  Best of all, you can have fun with us FREE  by getting your ATA 2016 Exhibit Pass with this code EXHVIP2016. Register here.


Sunday, May 15

5:00 pm:  Milton Chen, PhD, VSee CEO, “Bird’s Eye View of  VSee Solutions in Healthcare”

5:30 pm:  Richard Newell, MD, CEP America Director of Quality & Performance, “Telehealth for ER”

6:00 pm: Laurence Girard, Fruit Street CEO, “”Lifestyle Telehealth and Clinical Research”

Monday, May 16

10:30 am: Richard Newell, MD, CEP America Director of Quality & Performance, “Telehealth for ER”

11:00 am: Thomas Foley, Lenovo Director of Global Health Solutions, “From Wrist to the Cloud”

11:30 am: Kristi Henderson, Seton VP of Innovation and Virtual Care, “Making Innovation Work for Healthcare”

12:00 pm: Asif Ali, MD, MD, Cardiologist & xTV Chief Medical Officer, “After the Telemedicine Visit”

12:30 pm: Elizabeth Gross, ARC Devices Director of Communications, “Non-touch Technology For Gathering Health Data”

 1:00 pm: Erika Chuang, PhD, VSee VP of Product Management, “Designing for Healthcare: The VSee Roadmap”

 1:30 pm: Joe Ward, xTV CEO, “3D Cloud TV: A Holographic Telemedicine Solution”

 2:00 pm: Darren Sommer, DO, MBA,  Innovator Health CEO.  title “Rounding of the Future and Military Telemedicine in Afghanistan”

 2:30 pm: Milton Chen, PhD, VSee CEO, “Bird’s Eye View of  VSee Solutions in Healthcare”

 3:00 pm: Kirk Heath, MD, Surgeon & President of ModioHealth, “Improving Patient Waiting and Follow-up Experience Via Video Content”

 3:30 pm: Jessica Albere, iHealth Labs Director of Business Development, “iHealth Today and Future” 

 4:00 pm: Ravi Kamepalli, MD, Univ. of Toledo Clinical Assistant Professor of Infectious Diseases “Telemedicine’s Role In Infectious Disease And Wound Care And Technology Leap Frog For Healthcare In India

 4:30 pm: Blake Wehman, Iggbo VP of External Operations, “Uber for Home Blood Draws”

 5:00 pm: Erika Chuang, PhD, VSee VP of Product Management, “Designing for Healthcare: The VSee Roadmap”

5:30 pm: Laurence Girard, Fruit Street CEO, “”Lifestyle Telehealth and Clinical Research”

6:00 pm: Simon Bruins, VSee API Guru, “VSee SDK for Telehealth Apps”

Tuesday, May 17

10:30 am: Richard Newell, MD, CEP America Director of Quality & Performance, “Telehealth for ER”

11:00 am: Laurence Girard, Fruit Street CEO, “”Lifestyle Telehealth and Clinical Research”

11:30 am: Quan Vu, PhD, Ho Chi Minh Univ. of Science Vice Rector, “Telemedicine & Artificial Intelligence in Vietnam”

12:00 pm: Erika Chuang, PhD, VSee VP of Product Management, “Designing for Healthcare: The VSee Roadmap”

12:30 pm: Simon Bruins, VSee API Guru, “VSee SDK for Telehealth Apps”

1:30 pm: Chuck Parker, MD, Beyond Limits Healthcare Global Lead, “Can Computers Be Caregivers? Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare”

HealthPartners Chooses VSee For Telehealth Partner: A Case Study

healthpartners telemedicine cart

If you’re looking for ways to connect providers and staff at a distance, check out this case study on one of  our telehealth projects for HealthPartners.

It showcases a scalable telemedicine solution we designed for Regions Hospital in St. Paul, Minnesota. The solution allows Regions to share their top-notch specialist resources with a neighboring hospital that lacks these resources – in particular, Regions is able to provide on-call neurologists for stroke and other cases. 

VSee was among four video telemedicine platforms evaluated for the project. Ultimately Regions chose VSee over three other large, well-known competitors. VSee’s telehealth expertise and its simple, yet full-featured solution made it the “superior” choice for the project.

Some VSee solution highlights include:

  1. Simple one-click sharing with live annotation so that attending and consulting physicians can review CT scans together in real time
  2. The ability to quickly design and implement a customized interface that integrated into its current workflow
  3. Custom interface is designed to scale triage & specialty consults to other departments such as burn, trauma, etc. 
  4. The ability for consulting physicians to answer a call from their mobile devices
  5. The ability to remotely control pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras so distant physicians can examine patients from afar.
  6.  Cost savings!

Read the full case study to learn more.

NASA Moon Walk Simulation Program Depends on VSee

Earth with cloud cover and moon

VSee is not only NASA’s only official video platform for astronauts aboard the International Space Station.  It’s also a key tool for the Simulation Exploration Experience (SEE), a university-level modeling and simulation experience of a lunar mission that is spearheaded by NASA.Continue Reading…

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