Did Blue Jeans Copy VSee Dual-Streaming HD Video + Content for iPad?

VSee vs. Blue Jeans on iPad
vsee vs bluejeans iOS

I recently saw a Blue Jeans Network newsletter announcing its exciting new feature: “dual HD streams for interactive video and content sharing.” Dual streaming has the advantage that meeting participants can see both video and content at the same time as they work together.  They claim this is an industry first, they are the first company that does this.

The problem is VSee already beat Blue Jeans to this “industry first” — an iOS app that offers HD content sharing. VSee for iPad not only allows for 5-way video and shared apps, it also supports receiving live annotation for a rich collaborative experience.  VSee ranks higher than Blue Jeans on the App Store, so their marketing should have seen VSee before it made the claim 🙂

In fact, seeing faces and content together has been a key design feature of VSee for years. (Btw, this was decided upon way back when VSee was still a concept being born out of Stanford University human factors research in teamwork and video collaboration.)

To be fair, I think Blue Jeans did made the right design decision. People do need to see faces and content at the same time.  But sorry Blue Jeans – it is not okay to claim you are the first when this was already done by your key competitor a long time ago 🙂

VSee video + content design traces back to numerous academic research studies conducted the past two decades.   For a great summary of research that shaped the VSee design thinking, check out Finn, Sellen, and Wilbur’s Video-Mediated Communication.

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