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Did Blue Jeans Copy VSee Dual-Streaming HD Video + Content for iPad?

VSee vs. Blue Jeans on iPad I recently saw a Blue Jeans Network newsletter announcing its exciting new feature: “dual HD streams for interactive video and content sharing.” Dual streaming has the advantage that meeting participants can see both video and content at the same time as they work together.  They claim…

VSee for iPad 2.0 submitted for review!

Get ready for VSee on iPad 2.0 with screen share viewing! You can also look forward to group chat, contact invites, and receiving auxiliary camera feeds in VSee for iPad 2.0.  

Will Zoom’s New Enterprise Video Conference Hurt Blue Jeans and Vidyo?

Zoom.us, the hottest new video conferencing company, is revealing its paid UMX (Unified Meeting Experience) offering for businesses. Zoom previously raised $3M in angel funding. It has also just raised $6M in series A funding, from some of the biggest names such as Qualcomm Ventures, Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang, and…