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Did H.323 Kill VCON? Is Blue Jeans Next?

Cisco’s Umi Goes The Way of the Neanderthal

Blue Jeans = Skype + Polycom: Water And Oil Don’t Mix

photo credit: bitjungle Blue Jeans Network is a hot video conferencing startup that has been gaining a lot of attention even since before the public release of its product earlier this year.  They raised $23M from a set of A-list investors with its cloud-based solution that aims to bridge any…

Will Adobe Ax Connect?

Yesterday Heyward Drummond from Adobe Systems commented on the VSee blog: “Rest assured Adobe Connect which was just named by PC Magazine as the best Web Conference Solution for 2011 is not going away. Adobe is concentrating it’s sales and marketing efforts (sales force) on government and education markets. The U.S. Dept.…

Stanford Study Shows Working From Home Is More Productive

Early last week Lifehacker posted a story about a recent Stanford University experiment on teleworkers in a Chinese travel agency.  It turns out that those who worked from home were significantly more productive (i.e. received more calls thus booked more flights) than their office-bound counterparts.  To be more precise, teleworkers logged…

Time to Look for An Adobe Connect (Flash) Alternative?

Last Wednesday, Adobe blinked in its long standing Flash face-off with Apple when it announced that it was ending Flash development on mobile platforms in favor of HTML5.  In the subsequent hullabaloo raised by defiant Flash developers and exuberant Apple and HTML5, a Reuters article reported that Adobe “plans to…

Is It Okay To Check E-mail During A Video Conference?

VSee’s Effect on Bird Migration (Humor)

ViVu: Another Concubine For the Polycom Fiefdom

VSee’s Impact On Commute Space

Original Poster from city of Munster Planning Office, August 2001, Credit: PressOffice City of Munster Germany  This visual is the inspiration of one of our engineering interns, Mark Tong. Original photo posted by Ecologia Safmuacut   Follow us on Twitter (@VSee) and Like us on Facebook to hear about the latest from…

Married To Your Car Or Your Spouse?

Live Free

Vidyo Scores $22.5M Again

Dealing With Sexual Harassment In A Video Conference

Teleworking Without Power, Courtesy of Irene

Monday Mishmash: VSee, HP, Telework

VSee vs. Vidyo: Simplicity Is Key

Video Conference In Your Web Browser?

I was chatting with one of our developers, Rishi, trying to understand why would Google want to opensource the full audio and video stack they acquired when they bought GIPS (i.e. give away perfectly good code that they spent plenty of money to purchase).  He explained that one reason is…

Video Calling Going Mobile?

A Great Customer Service Experience Can Be One Click Away

Summary:  An example of how a one-click Skype call improved my customer service experience, and how a VSee video call with screen-share could make it even better. Yesterday afternoon, after discovering that my tires had been slashed, I was online trying to figure out if my insurance policy would cover…