Emerging Models for Exponential Growth – Alain Gazaui (SpaKinect)

About Speaker

Alain Gazaui is the chief executive of SpaKinect Corp, bringing an extensive history in healthcare technology to the firm. After graduating from USC, he started a pharmaceutical repacking business, designed for physicians to offer in office medicine fulfillment for patients, while capturing a much needed revenue stream. He then joined Chartscape, a leading EMR provider with clientele such as UCLA Oncology and the Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center. Using those experiences, he then founded a managed service organization that began using telemedicine as a way to offer reduced cost services to medical organizations spanning wide geographic areas. This led to the starting of SpaKinect and the force behind its successful expansion. Alain prioritizes collaborative approaches to operations and the principle that defined business alignment is a dependency to achieve rapid growth.

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