How To Go From Telehealth Startup To Telehealth Enterprise – Ned Thurman

What are the key elements to successfully growing a telehealth service? What needs to be in place to go from telehealth concept to telehealth profitability. Ned Thurman, CEO of TeleHealth Solutions brings us 30 years of industry experience helping clients turn their telehealth concepts into thriving enterprises. Join us this week to learn how to set the foundations for establishing a successful company.

  • Learn which revenue/payment models work best
  • What areas of the telehealth market have reached saturation?
  • Which healthcare regulations apply to you?
  • How do you get started doing telehealth?

About the Speaker

Ned Thurman,Ned Thurman has more than 30 years of healthcare industry and information technology experience. His diverse background in healthcare, product development, technical implementation, and customer services has allowed him to successfully turnaround product lines and service groups from small startups to large organizations.

Ned Is currently focused on the challenges of delivering remote healthcare services through telepresence and connected devices. His team is providing TeleHealth services (assessment, selection, implementation, training) and architecting the next version of TeleHealth As A Service (TAAS).





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