Innovate, Relax and Refresh with VSee CEO at 2018 ACHT Asilomar Conference & Refuge By The Sea: Nov. 7-10

Milton Chen, TFSSJoin Dr. Milton Chen, co-founder and CEO of VSee, the telehealth system used by astronauts on the International Space Station. He is one of the featured speakers for the 2018 American College of Healthcare Trustees Innovation conference at the Asilomar Conference Center at Carmel – California, November 7th to 10th.

This conference features many of healthcare’s most innovative thinkers sharing their experiences and insights into topics such as directed energy for diagnosis and treatment (DEDAT) and personalized medicine.

There will also be catalysts that facilitate disruptive innovation by teaching us how we value intellectual property and discuss the finer points of technology transfer.

Come and discuss how to keep your employees engaged as well as the strategy for running a business, anything from a start up to a hundred-million-dollar Corporation. Whether you are a pharma or biotech executive or work at a startup developing an app, this conference is for you.

David Levien, MD, MBA, FACS, the President and chief executive officer of the American College of Healthcare Trustees has arranged a conference that facilitates cross-pollination among specialists, similar to historic Asilomar I & II conferences when scientists, journalists, and lawyers banded together to self-regulate recombinant DNA research.

Talks end at 2 p.m. daily to allow time for mindfulness contemplation, networking, family time, and walking on the beach or through the woods. We will reassemble for dinner and fireside networking in the evenings. All meals are included.

This is a great opportunity to spend time with healthcare movers like yourself as well as to refresh, prevent burnout, and return-to-work recharged.

Learn more about the Asilomar Innovation Conference here

Register for bundled lectures, sleeping room, and meals here-4 nights