KonsultaMD and VSee Give Filipinos Access To Specialist Care for $10 a year

KonsultaMD, the largest telehealth consultation service in the Philippines with VSee telehealth technology is providing Filipinos with easy access to primary and specialist care no matter where they are located. COVID outbreaks are on the rise and hospitals are being overwhelmed with new cases. Now more than ever, patients need to be able to access healthcare from the safety of their homes. KonsultaMD makes this possible with VSee’s easy-to-use telehealth platform

A Simple Patient Experience Is Key

Running on VSee’s complete telehealth solution, KonsultaMD patients and providers are able to simply and securely connect via live video, voice, SMS, and email without an appointment. Patients simply download the KonsultaMD app to their smartphone or mobile device to get 24/7 access to KonsultaMD’s network of licensed physicians. Patients can consult with physicians from 12 different specialties including general medicine, dermatology, pediatrics, obstetrics/gynecology, psychiatry, and surgery. 

KonsultaMD’s newly-appointed CEO Cholo Tagaysay advocates, “Getting healthcare should be as simple as buying a prepaid load. It should be available to everyone, everywhere, all the time.”

With that in mind, KonsultaMD service plans are typically available for 10 USD a year for individuals or 20 USD a year for a family of 5. Some plans may be included free with the purchase of a mobile data plan. The app is also available on some smart TVs for a more convenient experience. 

Manage Hundreds of Virtual Providers

The VSee solution also allows KonsultaMD to efficiently manage all their providers, so they can serve patients 24/7 across all their specialties. With automated routing, walk-in queuing, and dispatch alerts, patients can be quickly and efficiently connected to the first available doctor. VSee also allows streaming medical device data and images (e.g. digital stethoscope, otoscope, EKG) for doing remote physical exams in the future, such as checking for ear infections or nasal polyps. 

“We want everyone to experience the simplicity and convenience of telehealth. No more sitting in traffic for hours or waiting in the same room as other sick patients. We believe telehealth is not only cost-effective. It also makes health care more pleasant and efficient,” explains VSee CEO Milton Chen. 

VSee is the exclusive video telehealth platform used by astronauts on the International Space Station and serves clients such as Shell, GE, and NASA. 

How Telehealth Helps the Philippines

The Philippines has 109 million people (as of May 2021) and a 2018 review of the Philippine health care system, reported that the country has 101,688 hospital beds, distributed in 1,223 hospitals across the regions. Almost all regions have insufficient beds relative to the population resulting in full hospitals during this pandemic.

Healthcare in the Philippines is also expensive. Patients need to shoulder at least 60% of total medical expenses. In fact, millions of Filipinos are plunged into poverty because of devastating health-related expenses. 

Since hospitals are not accessible and patients are worried about the cost, they often dismiss their need to see a health professional. According to surveys, 6 out of 10 Filipinos die without ever seeing a physician. Affordable telehealth will play a key role in overcoming this problem.

Telehealth growth and future

Telehealth’s potential is clear. It offers increased access to those living in rural areas who do not live close to a hospital with specialists. It makes it safer and more convenient for both patients and doctors concerned about transmitting COVID. It can even alert doctors to changes in patients’ health between visits with the integration of wellness devices such as digital blood pressure cuffs, pulse oximeters, glucometers, and personal EKGs.

With the COVID pandemic far from over and more Filipinos becoming more comfortable with digital health technology, telehealth will soon become a standard part of the Philippine healthcare system. KonsultaMD is proud to be an innovation leader in paving the path to faster, more accessible healthcare!