Never Worry About Missing A Patient Again with Our New Priority Messaging Feature

We get that it’s important for doctors to make sure they receive their calls. After all, isn’t that why pagers are still being used by doctors today? So that’s why we’ve introduced our new Priority Messaging feature.

How Do Priority Messages Work?

The Priority Message feature may be turned on for either or both:

  • individual providers on VSee Messenger or  
  • all the providers of a VSee Clinic room

In VSee Messenger this feature allows you to select whether you want to send a regular message or a priority message.  Just tap on the plus sign icon next to the message input line and select the option to send a priority message.

[screencap of toggle]


When a priority message is sent, it will show up on all your devices that are logged into VSee and the continuous notifications will end once the message is acknowledged on any one of the devices.

The priority message shows up as a highlighted orange text bubble along with a flashing banner and a special ring tone. The ring tone will continue every 20 seconds until the receiving provider clicks the X on the flashing banner to close it.

[screencap of received priority notification]



In VSee Clinic this feature turns all waiting room walk-in notifications into a priority message. When a patient enters the online waiting room, a provider will still receive the regular waiting room sound and text notification as usual. In addition, the provider will see a flashing green banner, and the waiting room ringtone will continue every 20 seconds until the receiving provider clicks the X on the flashing banner to close it.

[screencap waiting room notification]  


What about Call Logs?

Priority Messaging provides additional reporting including

  • was the provider logged in?
  • how many devices the provider was logged into?
  • time of message acknowledgement and which device was used to acknowledge

How Do I Use Priority Messaging In My Workflow?

  1. Make sure you’ve communicated important updates to your doctor(s)

Sally is the scheduler for Dr. Johnson’s office. She has squeezed a last-minute sick call into Dr. Johnson’s morning appointments. Sally wants to make sure Dr. Johnson knows about this change. So, Sally uses VSee Messenger to send a text as a “priority message,” knowing that it will continue to notify Dr. Johnson until he acknowledges the message.

  1. Make sure doctors can’t miss a patient who has entered the online waiting room

Acme Care Associates has a VSee Clinic for their physicians. They are worried that their physicians may miss the waiting room walk-in notifications during night shifts or if they they’ve step away from their desks. They request to turn on Priority Messaging for their VSee Clinic waiting room. This turns all waiting room notifications into priority messages that will continue send sound alerts until their physicians sees and closes the message.

How Do I Turn on Priority Messaging for My Organization?

Simply send your request to along with the VSeeID(s) or the VSee Clinic URL(s) that Priority Messaging should be applied to.