New Firewall Rules for VSee Update

 width=We recently moved to a new directory, in order to provide more directory stability and robustness.

With this move, there are some changes to the firewall rules which you may need to get your IT to configure if you are behind an enterprise network.

When launching VSee, if you see messages which are stuck at “initialising”, it’s almost always caused by a firewall.

1. Please confirm that your local firewall (Windows firewall, Norton, etc.) is not blocking VSee traffic.

2. Also, if you’re on a corporate network it’s likely there is a firewall between your network and the Internet. Please have your IT set the following rules:

  • Outgoing UDP to any destination IP/port if SOURCE port is between 6000-6254
  • Outgoing TCP to destination ports 5222 (recommended) or 443


  • currently resolves to two IPs, and This may change in future, so we recommend using DNS-based rules if possible.
  • If you have a content filter that blocks XMPP/IM services, an exception should be made for

If you continue to face problems connecting to VSee, please feel free to Contact VSee Support.

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