OmniJoin? Nefsis? Brother, what’s going on?

Brother OmniJoin Nefsis

Last December, when Brother purchased Nefsis, I thought it was a great outcome for Nefsis and a great move for Brother.  Nefsis had a very complex pricing structure and needed a huge distribution partner to push its complicated solution into enterprises.  Brother had a huge distribution base, with its long history in home and office products – especially its printers, typewriters, and sewing machines.  It made a lot of sense for Brother to push an enterprise collaboration product to its core customers.

June of this year, Brother launched OmniJoin web conferencing (a rebranding of Nefsis). What isn’t clear is how Brother plans to make OmniJoin a viable competitor in the web conferencing/unified communications space.  It doesn’t seem to be too much different from WebEx and GoTo Meeting, except in its pricing scheme, and it sports a pretty hefty price tag.

Despite a mostly glowing review of OmniJoin, No Jitter blog still expressed reservations about OmniJoin’s overburdened interface.  OmniJoin also currently lacks a Mac client and the ability to record.

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