Re: VSee’s video conferencing solutions arrive in Europe


TechCrunch today posted an article on VSee.  We like it a lot and recommend you go read it!  Click here to get there.

However, I’d like to take just a quick second to clear up a couple points:

First:  We don’t actually claim to have more collaborative tools than the rest…only Skype!  Skype has a sub-par desktop share that only works when video is turned off.  And it’s a screenshot rather than a direct share.  Everyone else (WebEx, GoToMeeting, Nefsis, etc.) generally has a full complement of collaboration tools.  Our claim to fame is that we make it A LOT EASIER to use those tools.  It literally takes only 5 to 10 minutes to become an expert user.

Next:  Our “document sharing” is really “window sharing”.  Not just “application sharing” even, but “window.”  What’s the difference?  You can share ANY window, be it an application (i.e., Word or AutoCAD), a folder (i.e., Documents or the entire C:/ drive), or even the command screen!  And you can choose to give complete control over any window you share—it’s neat to run AutoCAD on your 4 GHz quadcore from my 1.6 GHz netbook—for collaborating, or turn control off for one-way presentations.

I appreciate the shout out on bandwidth and encryption.  We do shine there, but I think we shine across the board.  (I confess I’m biased.)

In a nutshell, although VSee is great for presentations, it’s built to get work done, whether that work is sales, support, or just working with teammates from around the globe.

I will add one last bit, though:  We’ve had 14-way conversations!  The only limitations are really CPU and bandwidth.  12 and under (usually 6-8) is suggested because there’s always someone in a meeting who is on a terrible network or using an underpowered computer.  I confess I’ll be excited to have that 20 x 20 meeting!

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