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VSee is nimble. VSee is quick. VSee is your collaboration wish.

Over the last few weeks of working at VSee, I’ve been realizing that VSee is more than just a videoconferencing tool.  It’s a video collaboration tool.  Of course, it can do the things that videoconferencing does, but on a much more dynamic and work-friendly scale.  It’s the difference between a…

Cisco WebEx: “Little to no Work-Life Balance”

Skype 5.0 News: 6 Reasons Redux

Yesterday while I was at a conference Skype announced on their blog that they were dropping the ‘beta’ label from their Mac release, and that group calling would now be a paid feature.  Obviously, I had to respond.  🙂 I have a lot of fun talking about Skype because I…

Re: VSee’s video conferencing solutions arrive in Europe

Skype IPO doesn’t mean Enterprise Solution

Skype announced it will soon have an IPO.  (Also here.) Let’s not confuse this with being a business tool. Yes, video calling is handy for businesses.  But what about presentation and collaborative tools? Skype has an immense user base, and yet operational income for the first half of 2010 was…

WebEx Meet—still not simple