Join VSee in Providing Free Telehealth for Ukraine Soldiers, Civilians, and Refugees

VSee CEO, Dr. Milton Chen, talks about VSee’s efforts to provide telehealth services to support the humanitarian response in Ukraine at HIMSS 2022

VSee is mobilizing free medical assistance to Ukraine via a network of USA and European physicians. Named Project Aimee, we have set up a 24×7 Ukrainian/English dispatch service to collect medical requests and match them with the appropriate physician. We are currently focusing on three areas of care: 

  1. battlefield wound and trauma
  2. specialist care support for Ukraine primary care physicians, and
  3. private direct-to-consumer (people of Ukraine) primary and urgent care  

We are also providing free telemedicine software to link the hospitals and clinics in Ukraine – to create a nation-wide healthcare network via shared EHR and patient cases routing.

In addition to medical services, we are also looking for partners to help provide requested medication and medical supplies.   

Partner today with Aimee to bring medical relief to the people of Ukraine.
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