VSee Selected for Panda Health, the #1 Digital Health Marketplace

After evaluating thousands of vendors, Panda Health, the number one digital health marketplace and a Vizient portfolio company, recently announced VSee as one of its four official telehealth solutions

The Panda Health Vision

Panda Health is a mission-driven company whose goal is “to provide healthcare organizations with a trusted place to find and adopt the best digital health solutions for their unique needs—economically, safely, and at speed.” To this end, Panda rigorously vets each of its vendors for clients’ use cases and work process requirements. This allows clients to fast-track their procurement cycles and successfully implement chosen technology solutions. Panda Health also recently contracted with Vizient, Inc., making it Vizient’s exclusive marketplace for digital health solutions. 

Why VSee?

Among the four telehealth solutions selected, VSee offers the greatest scalability and flexibility in its platform’s ability to adapt  to a variety of use cases and workflows. Panda Health notes that VSee is the only solution that can scale across the entire hospital, from virtual care to remote patient monitoring (RPM) to in-hospital ICU, etc. 

Complete telehealth tech stack

The VSee Clinic Platform offers 250+ points of configuration across all major telehealth functionalities (video, omni-channel communications, team coordination, master scheduling, patient engagement, revenue cycle management, clinical documentation, analytics, etc.) Each feature set functions as a building block that can be configured to fit specific service lines or state requirements via APIs & SDKs. VSee also brings together an ecosystem of partners such as Stripe payments, Welch Allyn for a complete remote healthcare experience. 

Centrally managed, flexibility to innovate

Further, Panda Health was impressed by VSee’s centrally managed local innovation approach, where every department and physician can implement their own unique workflow via a no code, low code telehealth model (similar to Shopify but for telehealth). This allows for swift customization of a range of service delivery models including urgent care walk-ins, direct-to-consumer, school-based, correctional settings, training clinic environments, community centers, primary care, hospital settings, etc. 

Instead of struggling with app sprawl or making do with a single telehealth model, VSee has the flexibility to enable hundreds of telehealth services in a hospital. As a result, both healthcare systems achieve what they want – high security and fast scalability, while also empowering their healthcare providers and their staff to increase productivity and practice efficiency.