Skype Group Calling? 7 MORE Reasons VSee Stands Above

These are by Rich Griffin, who wrote them as a comment to the original “VSee Stands Above Skype” post.  Thanks Rich!

Here are my reasons Skype’s 5-way video chat doesn’t do it for me:

1.) Skype is often verboten in the enterprise because it works around corporate network policy. VSee uses known ports and offers customer premise directory services and Active Directory integration

2.) VSee uses certified, well known, open and widely deployed encryption libraries required in many industries. Skype’s encryption is unpublished. Can banks, medical records or legal communication meet industry required privacy certifications with Skype?

3.) VSee’s presence is client-server based; providing accurate and quick status change/availability. Skype’s presence has always had issues with presence both in accuracy and speed of user’s status changes.

4.) VSee’s standard multi-participant conferencing is client-to-client* forgoing increased latency inherent in traditional MCU approaches. *Although VSee does have relay and MCU for port restricted and +6-8 participant sessions respectively; it seldom is needed.

5.) Skype’s “extras” potentially increase user’s exposure to malware, security leaks, bugs and additional corporate network policy violations.

6.) Support. Just try calling Skype or finding an issue tracker for online ticket submission.

7.) Bandwidth usage when not using application. Skype *still* will consume much of your bandwidth even when not in use due to the JoltID overlay network. Try justifying that to your Network Admin.

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