Telehealth Secrets 2019 Announces Grand Prize Winner for “The One Thing No One Else Believes About Telehealth”

What’s the one thing you believe about Telehealth that no one else believes …yet?

This is the question that we asked our attendees to answer at this year’s Telehealth Secrets 2019 conference to win our Grand Prize:
One complimentary Health Nucleus CORE Assessment by Human Longevity at a value of $7500. Health Nucleus is a personalized precision health assessment that helps predict your illnesses and optimize your personal health. It includes full body MRI imaging, whole genome sequencing / analysis with a consultation to discuss results.

Here are our favorite visionary, creative answers from this year’s attendees starting from 3rd runner up:

Telehealth Secrets 3rd Place:

At some point in the near future, a patient will allege that the failure to offer telemedicine is a breach of the standard of care

Joe McMenamin, JD, MD, principal at McMenamin Law

Prize: complimentary ticket to Telehealth Secrets 2020

Telehealth Secrets 2nd place:

In the future, there may be so much technology involved in monitoring our health that telehealth becomes the preferred form of healthcare. Doctors will have such powerful tools at their disposal through the computer that there is a minimal added benefit of the face-to-face encounter.

Robbie Wolf, marketing analyst at GYANT (AI chatbot for diagnoses)
Prize: complimentary exhibitor booth at next year’s conference

Telehealth Secrets 1st Place:

That telehealth can be integrated into vehicles and areas where we spend the most time.  Telehealth can be preventative not just reactive. Utilizing the real estate in our everyday routines without requiring any interactions during our normal routines can allow us to use telehealth when we don’t even know we are being monitored.  Embedding health sensors into cars, work chairs, beds and other places can allow telehealth to become preventative as well as reactive.

Tom Evans, CEO Biosense (wearable sensors)
Grand prize:  Human Longevity Health Nucleus Core Assessment


What Others Are Saying About Telehealth

We had many other thoughtful, interesting, and futuristic answers. And even though we don’t have prizes for everyone, we felt we needed to share these thoughts on the future of telehealth.

Most Provocative

This will hasten the decline of the 40% of the hospitals that are already on the edge of bankruptcy … and that this creative destruction will improve the healthcare ecosystem.

-Reed Mollins, Chief Strategy Officer


Where I fundamentally differ is who is going to lead the telehealth movement. Telehealth will be bad for hospital groups. Insurance companies will play a large part, but everyone knows that. I am confident it will be large self-insured corporations and pharmaceutical companies. Pharmaceutical companies have a lot of profit to realize without cannibalizing, while large self-insured organizations can greatly reduce costs while using it to retain top talent.

-Zachary Brandon Poll, Plug and Play: Healthcare

Most Likely To Be The Plot for a Cyberpunk Novel

The black market for online consultations with physicians and other specialists in low cost countries will drive medical tourism and disrupt healthcare in the US.

-Pierre-Alexandre Fournier, CEO Hexoskin

Most Likely to Be Included in Chicken Soup for Healthcare

Social media health community sites allow for unique opportunities to address gaps in care and provide tele health benefits via members with a shared lived experience (cancer, rare disease, chronic disease etc….). Huge opportunities and benefits for health by promoting online communities

-Lynda Moyer, FaceBook, Attendee

Best TeleCardiology Care Vision

In the next 10 years, millions of patients will be using 12-lead ECG to manage their heart disease at home with doctor’s guidance.

-Ruey-Kang Chang, MD, CEO QT Medical

Best Telehealth Senior Care Vision

In 10 years remote monitoring in senior homes will be done by human looking healthcare robot companions that care for seniors, remind them of rx  taking and help with loneliness allowing them to avoid moving to a SNF

-Bill Brazeau, ThedaCare, Attendee

Best Telehealth Research-based Prediction

Adoption is going to increase by 300% in the next 3 years.

-Greg Truex, Senior Director Healthcare at J.D. Power

Best Telehealth Primary Care Vision

In 10 years primary care offices will no longer exist.  They will be replaced by virtual visits. If a patient needs to be physically seen, a mid level provider (nurse, PA) will go to the home to examine and collaborate with the doctor virtually.  If a condition requires intervention the patient will be sent to a specialist clinic or ER.

-David Ernst, MD, FACEP, EPOWERdoc, Attendee

Best Voices for The One Thing Everyone Believes About Telehealth

These were not the most mind-tickling visions or thoughts about telehealth, but they nicely summed up what most of us telehealthers believe about the industry:

“Telehealth will become the norm once the current generation of physicians and patients ages out and the SnapChat / TikTok generation takes over.” – Rishi Khullar, Attendee

“We will find a positive ROI.” – Kelly Crown, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

“That it will be so mainstream in less than a decade the ‘tele’ part of that word will no longer be necessary.” – Daniel Silberman, CEO Mediconecta

“Twenty years ago I wondered what wifi was all about.  In the not too distant future telehealth will be as mainstream as wifi is now.” – Admiral H. Denny Wisely (ret)

Thank You For Making Telehealth Secrets A Success!

Thank you everyone for participating at this year’s Telehealth Secrets conference and making it a memorable and successful event. Special thanks to our drawings and prize sponsors, including:

Human Longevity – Human Nucleus precision health assessment ($7500)
VIOME Gut Health Kit ($300)
McMenamin Law – Complimentary 1-hour Health Law Consult or Public Speaking Training
Digital Orthopaedics Conference in SF,  January 11-12, 2020 – Complimentary ticket
BluePath Health – Proprietary telehealth startup launch list + 1 hour consult
Gliding Eagle Technologies – Two bottles of Palmaz Cabernet (Palmaz Vineyards was founded by Julio Palmaz the original inventor of the balloon-expandable heart stent!)

Telehealth Secrets is a conference about doing the right thing for healthcare, for ourselves, for our children. It’s about believing in the impossible and imagining the unimaginable. It’s about disrupting our broken healthcare system, cutting crazy health costs, and providing access to the right care at the right time. It’s about improving the patient experience and healing provider burnout. It’s about making it possible for anyone just diagnosed with cancer to immediately get into the operating room the very next day.

Make sure you join us next year for an even more exciting time of inspiration, motivation and finding the right business partners to make telehealth as mainstream as wifi is today.
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