Getting Started with Telemedicine #6 – Practicing Physicians Panel Recording | Webinar Series

Tips from Physicians in the Trenches

Hear from physicians who have made the transition from doing in-person only visits to telemedicine. Learn from their experiences and get practical advice for getting set up. Gain a vision for the bigger possibilities of virtual care.


  • Review the value and efficiency that telemedicine provides
  • Demonstrate real world examples of telemedicine impact and benefit
  • Highlight how telemedicine can become an integral component of today’s healthcare delivery
  • Discuss new trends and advances in technology and how they facilitate a virtual exam



Richard E. Thorp, MD is President and CEO of Paradise Medical Group (PMG), a primary care group serving Paradise and Chico California, and the surrounding area. Paradise began to offer virtual care services after a deadly California fire in the fall of 2018 destroyed PMG’s main clinic building. As part of the financial and in-kind support from Blue Shield of California, PMG ‘s virtual care platform “PMG Connect” was built in collaboration with Teladoc Health. It allows dispersed patients to see PMG providers via mobile phone, tablet or personal computer.

Marc Dean, MD is the Co-founder and Chairman of the Vitruvio Institute of Medical Advancement (VIMA). A pioneer in the fields of otorhinology and telemedicine, Dr. Dean has dedicated his life to solving healthcare problems by implementing innovative technology and developing breakthrough techniques. He has been a lead researcher in clinical trials for a number of new devices and in the development of new procedures in the ENT community.

Dr. Dean’s use of new telemedicine technologies has also allowed him to make an impact at a global scale—with humanitarian outreach programs in both Latin America and the Middle East. Since 2011 including multiple trips to Iraq.

Uli K. Chettipally is a physician, researcher, author, and innovator. He is currently the President of InnovatorMD, a healthcare innovation company. As a physician-scientist, he is interested in technology-enabled care. He received the Pioneer Award for Innovation from Kaiser Permanente and Morris F. Collen Research Award from The Permanente Medical Group. His other roles include President-elect, San Mateo County Medical Association; Chairman, Society of Physician Entrepreneurs, San Francisco Bay Area chapter; Advisor, Mentor, and Investor at various healthcare start-ups. His book, “Punish the Machine! The Promise of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare” is available on Amazon.

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