Lessons learned from years of telehealth deployment – Sigi Marmorstein (DaVita)


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About Speaker

Currently the director for Telehealth and patient engagement at Davita, Inc. Formally was a member of the Health Innovation Team at Kaiser southern California. Founder and President of MedCareLive & Telehealth Consulting Services. Her role as Telehealth expert is the culmination of a 20-year career in health care spanning employers such as Kaiser Permanent, USC , West Coast University, California State University, Antelope Valley Hospital, and more. Sigi had been involved in the clinical operation of over 40 successful Tele-Health implementations across small and large health care systems in the past 10 years. She still practice as a Nurse Practitioner in Emergency Room and an active member of the ATA, CANP, AANP, California Action Collation and HRSA.

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