The Promise & Peril of Telehealth for Older Adults: A Case Study of a Senior Community Center – Casey Pierce, PhD ( University of Michigan)

How can we use telehealth to help our seniors age well and age in place? What are important considerations when designing telehealth services for seniors and the elderly? What are the telehealth barriers for seniors and how do we increase their ability to access telehealth? What telehealth services are most important for seniors? 

Dr. Casey Pierce is an Assistant Professor at the University of Michigan School of Information. Her research focuses on how technology influences knowledge sharing and work practices across geographic and occupational boundaries. Currently, Dr. Pierce is studying how telehealth technologies impact clinical work practices and patients’ perceptions of healthcare. Her work has received awards from the International Communication Association and Academy of Management. Dr. Pierce received her PhD in Communication Studies from Northwestern University’s Media, Technology, and Society program.

Her latest project involves incorporating telemental health services into a public community center.

Presentation slide below

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