VSee 2017 Tropical Island Retreat (Sabah) – Team bonding in Action

(Here’s the link to the retreat highlights video.)

Annual VSee Asia Retreat 2017 – Every summer the VSee team gets together for a fun, relaxing family retreat. We used to be able to fit everyone on a houseboat for a weekend of wake-boarding, jet-skiing, and jumping into the lake. Since then we’ve moved onto tropical islands in Asia. As a virtual company with a 100% work-from-home culture, and few opportunities to see each other, these annual retreats are vital part of reconnecting with each other and keeping our team engine running in top condition.


The VSee Asia Retreat this year at Sabah has been a wonderful chance to meet new members, get to know each other on a more personal level, as well as to challenge and refine our company goals.

Highlights include islands hopping, endangered monkey species spotting, fireflies night-out, climbing the highest mountain in South East Asia, and of course, an all-hands telehealth jam session!