VSee and Arc Devices New Partnership to Bring Connected Health To Consumers

ARC Devices thermometer

VSee is happy to announce a new partnership with Arc Devices – the leader in non-touch digital thermometry.

The partnership aims to bring together the latest in non-touch digital technology with VSee’s simple telehealth platform for  the world’s first wireless connected thermometer embedded into a remote patient monitoring kit.

We know that collecting and managing data needs to get easier if doctors and health organizations are to provide more efficient and effective health care. One one end, there is a need for simple digital health devices that consumers can use from home, such as ARC’s non-touch solutions. On the other end, there is a need to manage and track incoming data, such as VSee’s Data Dashboard for providers. Through the integration of lightweight digital health devices and data management portals, VSee is finding ways to cut down on the time it takes to collect and analyze temperature, vital signs, fitness and other health data.

ARC Devices adds a valuable component to remote patient monitoring by providing fast, efficient temperature data in real time.

VSee and ARC will both be at ATA 2016 this week.

Don’t miss VSee’s mini tech talks in our booth #2021 all day long. Liz Gross, ARC Devices Director of Communications will be speaking on non-touch digital technology and remote patient monitoring in VSee booth #2021 on Monday, May 16 from 12:30 – 1:00 p.m. CT

Full press release here