VSee Serves Hundreds of Patients at Expanded Telehealth Free Clinic

VSee kicked off 2023 with a 3-day medical mission serving 322 low-income patients at Taytay, Rizal from January 4 to 6. The team partnered with the office of municipal councilor Honorable Tobit Cruz to provide free telehealth and in-person doctor visits at Sitio Damayan Evacuation Site.

In addition to free health services, the telehealth camp also provided free medications, vitamins and rice as part of the health visit. 

This free telehealth event would not have been possible without our brand partners who provided medical devices, vitamins, medications, food items as well as our volunteers and physicians from both the Philippines and US —  a big thanks from the bottom of our hearts.

Travel Costs a Big Barrier To Health Access

While planning for this telehealth medical mission VSee team worked with Hon. Cruz to identify which neighborhoods were most in need of healthcare services.

One of the areas severely lacking healthcare access is the Damayan Floodway area. It turns out that for residents who are minimum wage earners, getting to the nearest health center cost nearly 40% of their day’s wages (that’s 4 USD or 200 PHP).

One of our VSee staff was approached by an elderly couple who were extremely grateful for this telehealth event. The woman was crying as she thanked the team. She told the staff that without this telehealth camp they would not have been able to afford to get a check up. One of them had had a mild stroke, and they did not have money to buy any meds.

Join Our Next Telehealth Adventure

It’s stories and opportunities like these and being able to impact the lives of real people, that keep the VSee team motivated and passionate about making telehealth an everyday experience. You can learn more about how we set up our free telemedicine clinic here from our August 2022 medical mission. Or if you want to join us on our next Philippines telehealth mission trip contact us here.

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