VSee empowers HR recruiting and training

VSee is a robust online-based video tool that can be utilized in a number of applications. One of them is the field of human resource recruiting and training which I work on a fair bit. Thanks to the ease of creating and maintaining the video sessions, I find the combination of verbal and non-verbal interaction particularly helpful. This combination is difficult to manage with similar software products.

Evaluating Potential Employees

As one who is charged with the initial screening of applicants, the ability to arrange an online meeting saves me a great deal of time. All that is necessary is notifying the candidate of the time for the meeting, then log in when that time arrives. In a typical day, I can interview multiple candidates in less time than using traditional methods. My company benefits because there is no need to fly candidates in for an interview.

During the interview process, software Engineering candidates share their favorite IDE with me as I observe them working on some live programming exercises. Design candidates do the same with their Photoshop application. Not only do I get to observe their working style, I can also see their facial expressions and body language while they work. This often provides me with more feedback than verbal cues. This fuller range of interaction makes VSee an excellent Skype alternative thanks to the quality of the interaction.

Training Employees

I also find the product very helpful with when it comes to training. Since my role involves entry level training for new employees, the task of conducting sessions can be time consuming. Using this type of virtual environment makes it much easier to set up the process. I can distribute the training documents via a simple drag and drop to their VSee video screen. I can also pull in other remote co-workers anytime and introduce them to our newest team member. As a result, I can keep the new teammate set up as soon as he joins the company.

The Bottom Line Benefits

For me, VSee is much easier to set up and initiate a virtual meeting, since the interface is designed for users, and not technicians. This makes the product a viable WebEx alternative, since I can conduct with ease and first time attendees can quickly get the hang of how to participate in the meetings. It helps me get my HR work done quickly and effectively, making my experience as a user all the more productive.

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