Who said babies don’t come with Instructions?- Sigi Marmorstein (BabyLive Advice)

About Speaker

Sigi Marmorstein is a Telehealth Consultant with over 65+ Successful Telehealth Implementation projects. Her role as a Telehealth Consultant is the culmination of a 20-year career in health care spanning employers such as Davita, Kaiser Permanente, USC, Adventist Health and West Coast University. Sigi has years of experience in the health care industry as an emergency room provider, operations manager, project management, business owner as well as academia. Consistently throughout her diverse career she remained devoted to finding solutions to improve patient access to care using health technologies and have won several awards for such programs. Her latest venture BabyLiveAdvice is a social enterprise that was meant to support families and reduce maternal-child morbidity and mortality through education and support.

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