VSee News & Press Mentions

March 10, 2016 A Year In Space: Episode 8 - Connectivity | TIME

TIME documentary features VSee being used by astronauts to connect with family starting at 6:19

February 16, 2016 Free Online Therapy Software Compared: Usefulness, Ease, Security, Support, & HIPAA

Roy Huggins, LPC NCC gives and in-depth review of VSee vs. Doxy.me free telehealth tools for online therapists

December 2015 NYDLA Coffee In the Clouds Podcast with VSee CEO Milton Chen

Executive Director of NYDLA Tom Capone interviews Dr. Milton Chen on where telemedicine is at and where it's going.

November 2015 PopHealth Blog Radio Features VSee at mHealth Summit

Interview with VSee CEO Milton Chen at 11:43 minutes on VSee telemedicine and elderly care

May 19, 2015 VSee: Health IT Startup Profile

Overcoming the Limitations of Traditional Video Conference and Telehealth Tools

Mar 14, 2015 NASA Deploys VSee Telemedicine and Secure Video Chat on the International Space Station

VSee now the official video chat aboard the ISS

Mar 5, 2015 Wake Up with WebCME - Millennial Trends in Healthcare (video at 1:20)

VSee fits the millenial trend with 60% of millenials willing to video chat with doctors; 74% wanting online booking and ePay.

Sept 17, 2014 Inmarsat and VSee help bridge the gap between urban and rural healthcare

Case study of VSee telemedicine in West Africa

Aug 7, 2014 W.A.V.E. and Petersburg Mental Health Create Secure Online Support Group with VSee

VSee group video brings together survivors of domestic violence for online support group

Aug 4, 2014 KHOU 11 Great Day Houston Features Click It Clinic powered by VSee (video at 1:50)

VSee virtual waiting room for face-to-face doctor house calls

Jul 4, 2014 Brighthand Reviews VSee: Best Android App

VSee Android app video chat review

Mar 18, 2014 VSee Telemedicine Kit Brings Harvard Doctors to Gabon Villagers

VSee telemedicine kit in Africa case study

Dec 15, 2013 Tim Reha interviews Milton PhD, CEO, VSee at mHealthSummit 2013

Interview with VSee CEO, Milton Chen, by Digital Health Live

Nov 1, 2013 VSee and Barton Associates bring telemedicine care to Nigeria

VSee telemedicine kit in Nigeria case study

Jul 12, 2013 Five Free Apps: Establish better audio / video communications

VSee nominated as one of the five free apps for video conferencing

Jun 16, 2013 VSee and HIPAA Compliant Practice: A “Skype Therapy” Alternative

Person-Centered Tech mentions that "VSee is good for online therapy, and it is a great alternative for Skype since it works and costs like Skype but is much more appropriate for telehealth."

May 20, 2013 12 Telemedicine Innovations That Will Shape Healthcare's Future

CIO highlights that VSee "provides medical device integration" and "simplifies patient-doctor interactions with its no-install, one-click video calling from the Web."

May 8, 2013 Five reasons virtual doctor visits might be better than in-person ones

Mobi health news highlights VSee's ability to "increase patient engagement thanks to screensharing".

May 8, 2013 Hot Spots Movement April newsletter

Hot Spots Movement added VSee's CEO, Milton, to its network and highlighted that VSee's "ability to integrate business and society is another important capability of future-proofed organisations."

May 6, 2013 The Accidental Social Enterprise

VSee's unexpected foray into BoP health care

Apr 17, 2013 6 Skype Alternatives Worth Considering

InformationWeek highlights VSee as a Skype alternative worth considering

Mar 21, 2013 New telemedicine tech maintains patient privacy

CBS CNET highlights VSee as "first iPad telehealth app that is FDA-registered and HIPAA-compliant". This video is also shown in CBS evening news across the country.

Mar 15, 2013 Ensuring Healthcare Privacy in the Cloud, Before the HIPAA Fines Hit

Featuring article by VSee CEO, Milton Chen

Mar 7, 2013 3 Golden Rules for Remote Work: Advice for Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer

Featuring interview with VSee CEO, Milton Chen, by Business News Daily

Mar 7, 2013 Dr. orders VSee for video chat

Featuring interview with VSee CEO, Milton Chen, by Upstart Business Journal

Mar 6, 2013 MDLIVE Forges Strategic Partnership with VSee for Telehealth Video Consultations

Feb 15, 2013 VSee, the Skype of Medical Video Chat, Has 2.4M U.S. Employees Using its Platform

Featuring interview with VSee CEO, Milton Chen, by BetaKit

Feb 14, 2013 Harness the Power of VSee to Connect with Clients & Teammates

Jan 10, 2013 Doctor, Do You VSee What I VSee?

Featuring interview with VSee CEO, Milton Chen, by HealthTechZone

Nov 30, 2012 Talking video conferencing for virtual teams with VSee CEO

Featuring interview with VSee CEO, Milton Chen, by WorkSnug

Oct 30, 2012 Bridging Remote Locations by Screen

Featuring VSee CEO, Milton Chen, in the Atlantic Big Science Summit

Aug 13, 2012 5 Tips to Make Mobile Collaboration Work

Featuring interview with VSee CEO, Milton Chen

Apr 27, 2012 Secure and Simple Video Conferencing

Apr 20, 2012 VSee Video Chat Now Supports Application Sharing on Mac

Mar 5, 2012 Former WebEx Executive Ray Villareal Joins VSee Advisory Board

Feb 24, 2012 VSee Group Video Chat is Now Free for Commercial Use

Jan 10, 2012 VSee Launches Web Video Calling Plugin for Unified Communications Software for distribution

IBM Deploys VSee to 5000 users and 50 countries.

Dec 6, 2011 VSee Launches Secure Group Video Chat for Mac Today

VSee, a provider of intuitive video collaboration services, releases its Mac client today.

Aug 11, 2011 VSee Achieves Telepresence over Verizon 4G

Streams 4 HD Video Streams Over Verizon 4G Wireless with VSee Scalable Telepresence

July 7, 2011 VSee Announces One-Click Video Collaboration

Improved ease-of-use for the most secure low overhead video collaboration service.

Feb 22, 2011 VSee Enables “Haiti Today, Haiti Tomorrow” - a Facebook Town Hall, Featuring Linkin Park and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

Feb 2, 2011 VSee launches Plugin for IBM Lotus Sametime at Lotusphere 2011

Nov 16, 2010 VSee Enables Playing for Change LIVE: Uniting Cultures Through Music & Technology

Nov 4, 2010 VSee Announces Free Home Telepresence

Aug 25, 2010 Vsee's video conferencing solutions arrive in Europe

VSee launches in Europe, coverage by Techcrunch

Aug 11, 2010 VSee, Ustream, Facebook and Mandy Moore Fight Malaria

Jun 16, 2010 VSee Links Refugee Sites with Global Audience via Video for World Refugee Day 2010

July 4, 2009 Saudi Aramco uses VSee to connect to remote oil rigs.

VSee bridges the distance between the Geosteering Operation Center and remote drilling rigs, resulting in faster and better decision making and reducing rig downtime.

Jun 18, 2009 Conflict Zones, Live

Jun 18, 2009 Angelina Jolie: World Refugee Day Speaker

Apr 2, 2009 DC Police use VSee to keep an eye on the inauguration.

During President Obama's inauguration, officials in the DC Metropolitan Police Department Joint Operations and Command Center used VSee to communicate with other agencies and officers in the field.

VSee reviews

Mar 25, 2013 New Stuff: VSee For iPad

Review of VSee by Graves on SOHO Technology

Mar 7, 2013 Vsee video conferencing lets you organize virtual web meeting

Review of VSee by Free VoIP Conference Calls

Feb 26, 2013 VSee review

Review of VSee by True View Video LLC and Hellard Design

Feb 13, 2013 VSee

VSee granted Editor's choice award by Download Atlas

Nov 8, 2012 VSee Review

Review of VSee by Conference Call Software

Nov 8, 2012 VSee ships integration with IBM Connections

Review of VSee for IBM Connections Plugin by Stuart McIntyre

Nov 7, 2012 VSee Releases New Real - Time Integration for IBM Connections

Review of VSee for IBM Connections Plugin by Luis Benitez

Oct 25, 2012 Free Video Conferencing And Screen Sharing Service: VSee

Review of VSee by ilovefreesoftware.com

Jun 9, 2012 VSee: Video Conferencias y Educación Remota

Review of VSee by Mercadeo.com

May 30, 2012 VSee is Defining the Future of Video Collaboration

Review of VSee by Video World Insider

May 17, 2012 VSee will change the future of video collaboration with its safe and secure, software-only solution

Review of VSee by e27

Feb 24, 2012 VSee offers the best Group Video Conferencing tool for FREE [Review]

Review of VSee by truVOIPbuzz

"Salesforce invests in Skype rival VSee."
Robin Wauters

"VSee has the potential to be the Skype of video messaging"
Chris Shipley

"Video over today's cellular telephone networks at good quality"
John Markoff

"Ultra low-bandwidth, high-quality videoconferencing"
Larry Greenemeier

"An ultrafast video-conferencing service"
Adam Lashinsky

"Image quality is greatly improved over previous services"
Leslie Walker

"[VSee] delivers high quality without hogging too much bandwidth"
Liz Gannes

"People appeared much more lifelike than other systems"
Rafe Needleman

"One of the best performing video conferencing technologies"
Robin Good

"[VSee] could be used to improve convoy security"
David Carr

"Used for virtual interviews at the world's largest security exercise"
Sharon Anderson

"[VSee] makes sure you get good pictures at all ends of the conversation"
Michael Miller