Curing PTSD in 3 Days – Admiral H. Dennis Wisely (ret.) (Purple Heart honoree)

About Speaker

He was raised in Wayne, New Jersey and attended Fairleigh Dickinson University prior to entering the Naval Aviation Cadet program in 1962. AS a Fighter Pilot he flew 350 combat missions over Vietnam, during which time he was first to shoot down two enemy aircraft and was later shot down over NVN by ground fire on Hanoi strike. He was Commander and Flight Leader of the Blue Angels Flight Demonstration Squadron; Captain of the auxiliary ship, U.S.S. SYLVANIA and Captain of the aircraft carrier, U.S.S. JOHN F. KENNEDY, Director of Navy Liaison for the Navy Office of Legislative Affairs, Director Warfare Systems Engineering and Architecture at Navy Space and Electronic Warfare Systems Command and Director of Operations at the Defense Nuclear Agency, He retired from the U.S Navy in October 1994 as a Rear Admiral.

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