Dr. Gavin MacGregor-Skinner Using VSee Telemedicine to Fight Ebola

The Elizabeth R. Griffin Research Foundation is doing excellent work on the front lines of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. Currently, they train healthcare workers in Nigeria. They use VSee video conferencing to engage new medical recruits, for telemedicine, and for situational awareness updates in real time.

Watch a report on the spread of Ebola here.

Last Thursday, Dr. Gavin MacGregor-Skinner led a team of eight and flew into Nigeria. After conducting hands-on workshops for over 400 healthcare professionals, their isolation ward received their first confirmed Ebola patient.

Gavin Macgregor-Skinner, the foundation’s Global Projects Manager, reports that he will soon head to Washington, DC to recruit more nurses, infection control experts, engineers, and health systems experts. He will also strive to collect more funding. His newest program is called STRIDE (strengthening training for response to highly infectious diseases), a risk-based, whole-community approach.

“We are assisting the Nigerian government with strengthening transmission-based precautions and activities for the most recent Ebola patient. We’re working with WHO and MSF teams on the ground. We have also been requested to help with establishing an internationally recognized highly infectious disease training institute.”

Gavin has a lot of work on his hands and needs our support. Everyone at VSee is proud to be part of the solution.

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  • Michael Vegas Mussman
    do not raise your hands above your shoulder while caring for an ebola patient says:

    Team work and sharing info is key in minimizing the spread of Ebola virus

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