MDLIVE – Favorite Telehealth Product at Innovation HealthJam

MDLIVE reviewMDLIVE’s virtual doctor visit platform received some great reviews at the recent Innovation HealthJam, a 3-day virtual brainstorming session on hot healthcare issues.  Hosted by Panasonic, HealthJam topics ranged from genomic mapping, connected aging, patient engagement to telemedicine and telehealth. MDLIVE along with other virtual doctor visit services Zipnosis and American Well showed up several times in a “My Favorite Telehealth Products” forum. I was a little surprised at how popular online doctor services like MDLIVE have become.  Here are some MDLIVE reviews that were posted:

“I’m a fan of MDLive. I’ve used this telemedicine service twice with great success. I even used it from Dublin!” – John Nosta, Jam host

“I also like MDLive ( and, for simple conditions (you know the ones Gramma used to treat), I like Zipnosis ( – its Minute Clinic on Your Mobile.” – Patricia Salba, Jam host

“I have found MDLive to be an excellent solution for simple stuff. It is FAST (10-15 min), immediate, and cheap $35. Customer service was excellent, much better than traditional care models.” – Christopher Wasden, academia

There was also a plug for MDLIVE competitor American Well:

“I tried out American Well at a conference. The MD was terrific, I received a recording of the visit, and it was affordable -less than my urgicare co-pay.. I’m looking forward to their nutritional services, launching in July. This saved me a trek to an urgicare center. The recommendation was also appropriate –no prescription was supplied.” – Ellen Cohn, academia

Looks like the next time I have a sinus infection I’ll have to try out MDLIVE’s telemedicine service – definitely cheaper than trying to meet my deductible!

What has been your experience with online virtual care?

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  • becky
    Douglas Mackenzie says:

    Going all the way to your doctor for a simple issue is not actually a convenient option. This is why the idea of consulting your doctor online is a very thoughtful. This will save you from a lot of hassle as well as expense.

  • becky
    Charkene says:

    Be sure and lie when you get a call from the doctor . I had a sore throat and since I told the doctor I was not short of breath he said it was viral and he would not give me an antibiotic . Wasted $59

  • becky
    Jeniffer says:

    Hi, I am looking at this program from a health professional’s standpoint (I’m an RN). I would love to explore more of what they do/offer, but wanted to comment to Charkene — I don’t know your other symptoms, however, coming from a family that was over-dosed with antibiotics in the 60’s-mid-80’s, I can assure you that using natural non-antibiotic treatments for sore throats is super beneficial for your immune system and future healings. Use of antibiotics for a virus strips you of fauna/flora you need in your gut, and destroys some of your own disease-fighting capabilities. If your sore throat cleared up on its own within 7-10 days, that was the best “treatment” for you.

  • becky
    Donald Taylor says:

    I have used the service twice now… The 1st time was an excellent experience, the physician was good and listened to my issues as presented… The 2nd time was not so pretty… Had a female physician (to be professionally polite I will not mention her name here) that was too busy talking and telling me what my problems were that she had no time to listen… Rather than listen to my known history (I am 60 by the way) she would talk over me, and I am the sick and paying customer… So… This last contact cost me the price of the appointment to have her prescribe over the counter remedies that I could handle myself if thought needed, she would not issue antibiotics which will be required to get me well again… I will NEVER accept an appointment with this woman ever again… Not sure that I get it…

    So far they have 1# hit, and 1# miss with me… Not good odds if you were to ask… So… Now I am off to a local clinic to get the attention deserved… I pay AGAIN and more… What else can I say…

    I do believe the service itself overall is a GOOD… My issue here was a MD Thing…

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