How Medicine is Becoming a Changing Big-Data Field – Ted Driscoll (DigitalDx Ventures)

Ted Driscoll is Managing Director at a new venture fund, DigitalDx Ventures, whose focus is on Diagnostics in a Big-Data and Personalized Medicine World. Previously he was a Partner at Decheng Capital, and a Partner at Claremont Creek Ventures leading Digital Healthcare. He led the first investment in Natera (IPOed 2015), AssureX (acquired by Myriad Genetics for $410M) and GeneWeave (acquired by Roche for $425M). Prior to entering venture capital, he was an early leader/founder of five startups. His first startup, International Imaging Systems, built the first Digital Subtractive Angiography machines. He then led the team at Identix that pioneered the first digital fingerprint recognition, now used in the iPhone. Identix IPOed in 1984. He then joined Diasonics where he led the team that created the world’s first MRI scanners. He was then named Division President of a spinoff from Diasonics named Focus Surgery that pioneered noninvasive HIFU ablation surgery. This company IPOed in 1992. His last startup was Be Here Technologies, a 360degree imaging company, which was purchased by and incorporated into Google Streetview.

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