Announcing New VSee Shared Waiting Room Plan and More

Premium Plan: Shared telehealth clinic + front desk hub for small to medium practices

VSee has just launched a new affordable Premium Plan telehealth clinic for small to medium practices.

Whether you are a solo practice with a part-time scheduler or a multi-clinician practice, we understand you have your own patient flow and that doing telehealth is more than just jumping on a video call. That’s why we’ve built a complete healthcare office suite that facilitates the whole telehealth visit from scheduling, check-in, collecting payment to clinician hand-off to follow-up.

Some Key Features in this new Premium Plan include

  • logo and theme branding
  • patient self check-in with customizable intake forms, telehealth consent, and credit card payment
  • shared waiting room
  • shared scheduling
  • patient portal with self-scheduling and visit notes
  • 1-1 and group video calls with phone and guest add-in
  • EMR notes with savable templates
  • front desk tools with patient tagging, queue management, internal chat, invoicing, and call reports
  • add-on up to 50 care team members
  • Credit card payment

Why choose VSee telehealth solution?

We’ve worked with many established healthcare clients such as Lifestance, LA County, US Oncology as well as startups such as Human Longevity, MyLabBox, BabyLiveAdvice, and Genome Medical to develop telehealth features that improve efficiency for our clients.

With VSee products, both hybrid and virtual practices can smoothly deliver a simple, secure patient experience on the frontend while providing a more streamlined, automated experience for clinicians and staff on the backend. Some clients have even been able to use VSee to reduce their patient wait time to as fast as 90 seconds!

Enabling telehealth care teams with a superior backend experience

Our telehealth software provides a customizable front desk experience that frees up clinicians to focus on patients and enables remote care teams to easily communicate and manage telehealth visits without needing to play phone tag or to manually copy and paste video links.

It offers a shared waiting room dashboard with flexible tagging that makes it easy to triage the patient queue. It also makes it clear to everyone what stage of the visit a patient is at and who should be attending to them at any point during the telehealth visit.

Telehealth scheduling that’s designed for healthcare

Our scheduling calendar is designed for healthcare, making it easy for patients and staff to schedule and cancel appointments. Patients and providers can get automated appointment reminders via SMS, email, or both. Our scheduling calendar also provides for multi-user access and accommodates various types of healthcare appointment quirks such as: multiple provider appointments, private-mode group appointments (where each patient must complete an individual intake and their full name is only displayed to the provider), guest invites (with no-intake video link), and more!

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Plus Plan: Simple, Streamlined Telehealth for Busy Solo Providers

Are your key needs self-scheduling, group calls, and telehealth? VSee has also created a no frills plan option for busy solo providers. Our Plus Plan telehealth clinic bundles together the most essential features to save you administrative time and reduce no-shows. Trial VSee Plus free for 30 days using the promo code: plustrial30

Some highlighted features of the new Plus Plan include

  • custom subdomain
  • patient self check-in with standard intake, telehealth consent, and document upload
  • customizable waiting room store front
  • patient self-scheduling with automated SMS/email reminders
  • unlimited 1-1 and group video calls with phone and guest add-in
  • Credit card payment

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Free Plan: When all you need is HIPAA-compliant video

If you’re not ready for either our Premium or Plus Plan, the VSee Free Plan is always an option. This is the plan for you if all you really need is a

  • simple waiting room link,
  • a super quick “Name and Reason” sign-in, and
  • unlimited 1-1 video calling

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Anything else I should know about VSee’s new telehealth plans?

I’m glad you asked! Outside of plan-specific features, all of our plans include:

  • simple, no download HD video
  • HIPAA-compliant BAA
  • customizable waiting room store-front
  • patient mobile app
  • PC, Mac, iOS, Android, and Chromebook support

If you ever find yourself in need of a specific workflow capability, VSee’s modular software design makes it easy to add-on and modify your existing telehealth clinic to your needs.

Whether you are looking to add-on EMR integration, ePrescription and EPCS, remote patient monitoring (RPM), ready-to-go notes templates, device integration, billing and claims submission, dependent accounts, nurse-assisted workflows, call dispatch center, there is an excellent chance that we already have what you’re looking for.

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