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VSee Telemedicine Kit in West Africa

In 2013, VSee made its debut in Gabon. Watch a video of an intern from the Albert Schweitzer Hospital uses VSee to deliver telemedicine in rural villages. At the same time, Swiss newsmagazine La Liberte featured CEO Milton Chen and the “doctor in a box” telemedicine kit:

VSee in Gabon: Remote Ultrasound and the African Mother (Part 2)

maternity ward at Albert Schweitzer In a previous blog post, Penny talked about the unique opportunity we had to travel to Gabon to deploy VSee telemedicine for the The Albert Schweitzer Hospital (HAS). The hospital was the first one to be established in Gabon nearly 100 years ago and continues…

VSee in Gabon: The Albert Schweitzer Hospital and Surfing Hippos (Part 1)

I don’t of know of too many tech startups that would send you to Africa on a humanitarian trip, but I just got back from an amazing trip to the West African country of Gabon.  It’s a small, beautiful country of about 5 1.5 million people located on the equator just…