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Why Google Hangouts Dropped Vidyo For WebRTC

Updated July 9, 2014 So Google really has dropped the Vidyo plugin for Hangouts as it switches over to its VP8 video codec. It’s still not on WebRTC, although it’s surely getting there.  On dev versions of Chrome, Google Hangouts is now plugin-less. In my article on VSee vs. Google+ Hangouts, I…

(OpenTok) TokBox Acquisition Price

Several people have commented on the speculative nature of my earlier article on the TokBox acquisition being a semi-fire sale.  I want to give our readers a more thorough explanation for my statements. When a company is acquired for more than $20-30M, typically the price is leaked, since the acquiring…

Airtime Launch Demo Nightmares – due to Flash

Airtime was launched on Tuesday by the founders of Napster – Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning. This Chatroulette-inspired random video chat service seems to have piqued the curiosity of even Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg. The event was filled with celebrities, but with so much fanfare, 2 years of work, and…

Video Call Connoisseur’s Review of Google+ Hangouts

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