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VSee vs. Skype: Three Key Differences

VSee Telemedicine Plays Key Role in Global Humanitarian Relief

“I feel like Thomas Edison…we don’t know how something works, but we know 200 ways not to do something, and so far, VSee has proven to be the best tool on the field.” – Randy Roberson, Disaster Relief Specialist (Video link:  VSee in Action- HELP Telemedicine in Haiti) Fifteen years ago, a…

VSee + Broadband Satellite Taking Telemedicine To Underserved and Rural Communities

One thing holding back telemedicine is the lack of access to broadband networks. According to the government data, 119 million Americans lack broadband access (defined as 4Mbps down and 1Mbps up). Out of those 119 million, 19 million live in areas where they don’t even have the option to buy a wired…