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New Study Showcases Intermountain Family-Centered Tele-neonatology Powered by VSee

The February issue of the Pediatric Annals journal features a new study on an Intermountain teleneonatology pilot, along with several other articles focusing telemedicine.  The recent pilot, conducted by expert neonatologist, Dr. Stephen Minton, Intermountain business director, Mark Allan, and Intermountain telehealth director, Dr. Wesley Valdes, shows how an Intermountain-designed teleneonatology unit is increasing…

Intermountain NICU Gets Makeover with VSee Simple Telemedicine

At the recent American Telemedicine Association (ATA) conference in Austin, TX, Intermountain Healthcare demo-ed their innovative use of VSee for a tele-neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). Key to their setup was VSee’s ability to simultaneously send multiple camera video streams.  Legacy video conference systems such as Vidyo, Polycom, and Cisco can only…

Intermountain + VSee Telehealth Brings Parents Into Neonatal Care Units

Intermountain Healthcare with the help of VSee telehealth technology is bringing parents of babies in neonatal intensive care units (NICUs) closer to their newborns. Intermountain is redesigning 65 beds at the NICU at the Utah Valley Regional Medical Center with 3 cameras (2 fixed and 1 rotating) that send 24-hour live video…

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