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Why It’s Important To See Your Coworkers

Summary:  Mirror neurons may be the key to explaining why it’s so important to see people for social interactions. With the remote work revolution seriously getting underway, a recent article from Knowledge @ Wharton Today reminds us that remote workers may be losing more knowledge than we know from the…

I Was A Remote Stalker


Move Over Mini-me, Meet Virtual-me

Working remotely can feel like you’re always on the periphery of things, lost and forgotten by managers and coworkers who can’t see you.  So it’s great when people come up with better ways of giving remote workers more presence.  One fascinating idea that makes use of videoconferencing technology is the…

Cisco WebEx: “Little to no Work-Life Balance”

Top 5 Tips To Being An Effective Remote Worker

We’ve devoted posts to the corporate environment of remote work and distributed teams.  Today’s installment is directed at our end users who find themselves to be, you guessed it, remote workers. There is sometimes an assumption within the tech world that any problem can be solved by a tool.  “If…