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VSee Keeps Counselor Visits Going During Destructive California Fires

Forest fire crew battling the raging Southern California fires. (Gene Blevins/Polaris/ABC News) For at least one counselor, VSee became instrumental in allowing her to stay in contact with clients during the recent destructive California Thomas fires. The Thomas fires which has displaced as many as 200,000 in LA and Ventura counties,…

NASA Moon Walk Simulation Program Depends on VSee

Earth with cloud cover and moon VSee is not only NASA’s only official video platform for astronauts aboard the International Space Station.  It’s also a key tool for the Simulation Exploration Experience (SEE), a university-level modeling and simulation experience of a lunar mission that is spearheaded by NASA.Continue Reading…

VSee vs. GoToMeeting Case Study

Taylor Engineering has been using VSee for years to keep its remote team members happy and productive. It’s been a great alternative to WebEx and GoToMeeting. There is just something about the being able to see people’s faces that really “breaks down barriers” and “improves communication compared to the phone”…

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