Get the Latest Telehealth Policy at CCHPCA Website!

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VSee loves CCHPCA’s website! Telehealth policy is a complicated issue. We get a lot of questions from doctors: “How will I get reimbursed?” is a frequent one, along with “How do I see patients in other states?”

It’s natural for providers to ask these questions, because US law still hasn’t caught up with the technology. There’s a labyrinth of state regulations surrounding telemedicine. To help you navigate, we’ve worked hard to publish useful information on our blog. We even created this nifty map to show reimbursement laws in all 50 states. But laws are always changing, and it’s difficult to keep up.

So we are excited to see the website for the Center for Connected Health Policy (CCHPCA):

They’ve done exactly what we’ve striven to do on the VSee blog. They’ve devoted a whole section to “Telehealth Legislation and Regulation Tracking,” where you can look up pending bills and their status in every state across the country.

CCHPCA has created an invaluable resource for providers looking to start telemedicine. Check out their website today!