VSee for Harvard Physicists

We’re tickled to find an enthusiastic user of VSee in Dr. Gerald Gabrielse, the current George Vasmer Leverett Professor of Physics at Harvard University.

VSee started off as an experiment of another researcher — VSee CEO Dr. Milton Chen, who wanted to be able to do simple, fast collaboration with anyone from a distance.  So we’re happy that VSee is also making it’s mark on the general scientific community.

Dr. Gabrielse does particle physics research. According to Wikipedia, his group is primarily known for “experiments trapping and investigating antimatter, measuring the electron g-factor, and measuring the electron electric dipole moment.” About VSee he says:

We use VSEE only once or twice a week, but we like it very much — especially the low bandwidth requirement and the screen sharing. The only missing feature for us is the ability to patch in a regular phone call when one of us is traveling.

Stream Multiple Cameras Simultaneously on VSee

He explains that the other problem his group faces is getting  a clear view of the people on either side of the conference table. They typically they have 3 to 6 persons at a site and has a hard time getting one camera to show the entire spread of the room. However, VSee’s auxiliary camera feature solves this problem elegantly by allowing them to simultaneously stream videos from two separate cameras from the same computer. You can check out this blog on conference meeting layouts to see what I mean.

Dr. Gabrielse ends his note:

We otherwise are happy users of VSEE. Many physics groups in the US and at CERN have been exposed to VSEE because of our use. And, the many PhD students who use VSEE in my group and small collaborations move on to a large variety of government labs and universities.

Of course, Dr. Gabrielse is not the only researcher to find that VSee is excellent for collaboration.  The NASA-led lunar expedition simulations program and public health expert, Dr. Gavin MacGregor-Skinner at the Elizabeth G. Griffith Research Foundation also uses VSee for fast communication across distances. In addition, VSee offers free Plus accounts to students 🙂

Thank you, Dr. Gabrielse, for sharing with us the importance of VSee in your work!

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