Telemedicine Brings Specialist Health Care to Rural Areas

VSee Gabon village visit childIf you live in a metropolitan area, it’s easy to take for granted your ability to have health care choices when it comes which doctor you want to see.  But for those who live in remote and rural areas or underdeveloped countries like Africa, there may not even be an option to see any doctor, especially if it’s to see a specialist. The good news is that simple videoconferencing technology for telemedicine is changing all that.

Shari Langemak at The Next Med explains how VSee videoconferencing tool for telemedicine is making a difference:

Videoconferencing provides expert advice from far away. The requirements are usually quite low: A webcam and a computer. All you then have to do is to explain your medical condition.

However, this technique still lacks an important part of any diagnosis: the medical examination. That is why innovators in healthcare now look for compact, smart and low-cost examination devices for local general doctors….

VSee tested its Telemedicine Field Kit in small villages along the along the Ogowe River. It includes all kinds of medical devices and allows to send the examination results to a specialist right away. The expert then can decide if further examinations and invasive treatment are necessary. If so, the patient can head to the next hospital. If not, he can stay home and thereby avoid a long and strenuous journey.

Source: The Next Med – Telemedicine from the Valley Provides Expert Help to Rural Areas

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