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About Speaker

Pradyum Sekar is the CEO & Co-Founder of Sail Cannabis, a first of its kind platform that provides an interoperable suite of medical cannabis SaaS solutions. Sail Cannabis encompasses e-prescribing and secure telemedicine with decision support systems at the point of care for physicians, health-care providers and patients; utilizing its prescriptive source of evidences based data feeding its machine learning applications. Since its inception in 2015, Sail Cannabis has seen triple digit growth in Canada and United States. Prior to Sail Cannabis, Pradyum worked in the field of Management Consulting and Practice Management within the primary healthcare sector in Canada. He completed his MBA at Hult International Business School.

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  • Jun Yien Chung
    Christ Jackson says:

    Nice video and Nice research about cannabis by the Sail Cannabis. Pradyum Sekar is doing a great job in the sector of medical science. We all should change our view about cannabis as a harmful drug, it can be used for better. Great article.
    Thank you for sharing this blog.

  • Jun Yien Chung
    Roy Sanford says:

    Great research work has been done by Pradyum Sekar.Reputable studies showing the clinical benefits of cannabis. According to practitioner and scientist, using cannabis for medical purpose showing positive result. Your blog is helpful in changing the mind-setup about use of cannabis. Thanks for sharing this useful blog.

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