Top 5 Reasons to VSee For Telehealth – Live Demos Today at ATA 2013

Telemedicine telehealth ATA 2013

Get a live demo of VSee Telehealth today in booth #712 at the ATA 2013 Meeting for Telemedicine, Telehealth, mHealth, eHealth, running May 5-7.

1.  VSee Telehealth offers simple, secure video chat with EHR-sharing and medical device streaming that anyone can use.

2.  VSee’s signature low-bandwidth video conference provides HD quality video at half the bandwidth of Skype. This makes it great for telemedicine over rural area networks and in developing countries.

3.  VSee’s no-infrastructure video conference allows for scalability without expensive hardware purchases or complicated upgrades, unlike VSee arch rival Vidyo (btw, also an excellent video conference service).

4. VSee for iPad now supports screen sharing and annotations for an unparalleled mobile experience.

5. VSee is FDA-registered and HIPAA-compliant.

VSee telehealth is also being used in Intermountain neonatal intensive care units to give parents 24-hour access to their newborn. You can get a demo of the video monitoring setup with VSee at the Intermountain Healthcare booth #1142.