Why Is Vidyo So Expensive?

Out-of-luck actors may now have an unexpected source of gainful employment – with video conferencing companies.  According to this Wall Street Journal story, VSee’s arch rival, Vidyo keeps professional actors on staff. We’re not talking about hiring actors for a one time stint to film a couple of slick ads, but a regular paying bona fide job to sit and look good during their sales demos. (Aha! So that’s why their telemedicine “doctors” can look like George Clooney.) This makes perfect sense if spending money on marketing is the key to growth for Vidyo.

VSee vs. Vidyo Video Conference for Telehealth

Both Vidyo and VSee are software-only video conference products that are able to provide high quality video over consumer networks.  They also offer FDA-registered telehealth products that are filling a growing need for medical-use video conferencing. However, Vidyo uses a complex backend (i.e. extra equipment to purchase and set up), which means you can’t start using it right away, and you may need an IT guy help keep it up and running. The complex backend can also mean a big costly headache when servers need to be upgraded for expanding one’s telehealth reach.  It should be no surprise then that Vidyo is 2 to 10 times more expensive than VSee for total cost of ownership.

Furthermore, VSee has a simpler interface so it’s easier for doctors and patients to learn to use, and a simpler pricing so it’s easy to see the total cost  (not that we’re biased or anything). To learn more, here is a review of how VSee and Vidyo compare – with pictures of video quality, too!

So the next time you get that expensive Vidyo sales quote, you can feel better knowing that you are helping actors between jobs 🙂  At VSee, we believe in solid engineering, where we let our product speak for itself.  We even list all our competitors on the bottom of our home page.

Learn more about VSee telehealth here.

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