VSee and TrackMy Solutions Partner To Streamline COVID-19 Vaccine Tracking + Patient Engagement

VSee is partnering with TrackMy Solutions to provide a COVID-19 vaccine tracking and patient engagement solution that can be rapidly deployed for hospitals, clinics, and government agencies.

Current efforts to end the COVID-19 pandemic is focused on administering vaccinations requiring multiple dosages to be effective. The problem is that traditional Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems are not designed to accurately track and report the completion of vaccination dosages.

Vaccination tracking is complicated process that requires taking into account vaccine recalls, adverse events, and patient communications infrastructure. It is being further complicated by a lack of support for telehealth services and the very costly manual processes being used in many states.

Jeremy Elias, CEO of Missouri-based TrackMy Solutions says, “It is difficult for most people to understand the complexity and difficulty involved in delivering these crucial vaccine doses while continuing to track adverse events, correct second dose administration, recalls and more with regular Electronic Medical Record tools, or worse by hand.”

Dr. Milton Chen, CEO and cofounder of VSee says, “Patients need fast, convenient access to providers to ensure that they can ask questions, report events, and receive care at the point of administration and beyond. We have developed a platform that allows healthcare providers to schedule patient visits, including telemedicine visits, or access visits on demand. Our system integrates with the most innovative patient monitoring devices available today, and we are very excited to be a prime partner with TrackMy Solutions.”

The VSee integrated TrackMy Vaccines platform offers an end-to-end solution to automate and streamline vaccine tracking processes while enabling better mobilization of patient engagement in vaccine administration, consultation, and tracking.

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Photo by Steven Cornfield on Unsplash