Bringing Telemedicine to El Salvador

VSee CEO, Dr. Milton Chen, is the keynote speaker at El Salvador’s first ever conference on Mobile Health. Technology is changing the landscape of healthcare and conference participants discover how VSee makes the transition simple and easy.

Press conference at MedicSana

MedicSana Press Conference in El Salvador

Founder of Benebits, LLC and MedicSana, Alejandro Castillo (pictured above, right), is also one of the distinguished speakers.

The one day conference will be held at Hilton Princess, San Salvador on April 13, 2016. Visit for more information.

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    Manuel Vides says:

    I had the privilege of being in the audience! Dr. Chen gave a very enthusiastic presentation! It was a great talk! I have had the opportunity of being a speaker about mobile devices in Pediatric Practices and it was great to see a forum of like-minded Salvadoran physicians looking into becoming more knowledgeable about this exciting topic.

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