VSee Customer Showin’ Some Love for Our “Tireless Energy”

surprise package

An unexpected large UPS package showed up on our doorstep the other day. It was a stack of four Lou Malnati’s Chicago-style pizza pies. It turns out that one of our eVisit platform customers, Health As We Age (HAWA), has been so happy with our services and our flexibility in working with their crazy schedules that they just wanted to find a way to show their appreciation to the VSee team. The pizza pies arrived just in time for our weekly lunch meeting 🙂

thank you message

from happy customer Health As We Age

Lou Malnati's chicago pizza

Real Chicago-style deep dish pizza – yum!

stack of pizza pies

a whole stack of them 🙂

Thanks HAWA team for a special surprise lunch!

pizza in ovenHAWA pizza VlunchPenny eats HAWA pizza 

Health As We Age logoHealth As We Age (HAWA) is a woman-owned business focused on population health management with the goal of supporting, guiding and empowering those seeking a healthy life, through the use of innovation, mHealth and simple cost-effective strategies. HAWA’s Virtual Healthcare System improves access to medical professionals and resources, decrease medical spending and coordinate care in a seamless and cost-effective process.

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